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DeltaGraph provides researchers, scientists and analysts with unparalled chart selection, data analysis and graph customization capabilities. Custom chart template libraries, MS Office™ interoperability, and support for spot color matching make DeltaGraph the number one choice among scientists, researchers and analysts for publication quality charts. 

OS X 10.9 Requires DeltaGraph 6

We have identified an issue with OS X 10.9 Mavericks which causes DeltaGraph Mac versions 5.7.5 and earlier to crash at launch time. Users of DeltaGraph Mac 5.x will need to upgrade to the latest version of DeltaGraph (6.0.19 currently) in order to use DeltaGraph.

DeltaGraph 6 is fully Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks compatible. DeltaGraph 6 uses a Java component to import Microsoft Excel data files, and since Mavericks no longer includes a copy of the Java runtime in its installation, the first time DeltaGraph 6 is launched, Mavericks will require the user to download a copy of the Java runtime. DeltaGraph 6 will not launch without the Java runtime. Subsequent launches of DeltaGraph 6 in Mavericks will happen normally.
System Requirements
  • An Intel Macintosh running OS X
  • At least 100MB of free disk space
  • QuickTime for Mac
  • Java® Runtime
Upgrade Pricing

DeltaGraph for Macintosh version 5.x and earlier licensees can purchage an upgrade to the latest version of DeltaGraph 6 for $79 download only, or $99 CD.
Current DeltaGraph 6 licensees can download a FREE upgrade to the latest release from our downloads page.

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