2002DMBALogoforhome   Here at Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators we use Red Rock DeltaGraph to create quarterly statements, fund performance reports and annual reports. Red Rock DeltaGraph helps us illustrate the financial data we collect.


"In selecting a solution, we evaluated other programs and have found them to be too confusing, with too much learning required to start using the software. Properly written software shouldn't require extensive learning to start using it. Red Rock DeltaGraph is more intuitive and easier than others we reviewed, allowing us to meet deadlines rather than getting lost in a manual."

"One of the biggest advantages of Red Rock DeltaGraph is that it is extremely easy to export graphs for use in other programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Once we create graphs in Red Rock DeltaGraph, we often export them to Adobe Illustrator for further enhancements."

"Red Rock DeltaGraph has an excellent assortment of chart types to choose from and an easy, intuitive interface. Red Rock DeltaGraph has saved us time by means of its easy interface and from the frustration of less intuitive programs."

Chris Anderson
Graphics Services Foreman
Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators


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