“I am part of a Desktop Publishing Unit that prepares final layouts of a variety of publications on the Canadian mining industry (e.g., scientific and technical reports, information bulletins, and brochures) for publishing in print and on the Internet. DeltaGraph is our software of choice for creating the statistical charts and graphs that we publish.


When we changed from a Macintosh to a Windows-based platform three years ago, we looked at and tested a number of graphing software packages. After testing many alternatives, it was determined that DeltaGraph was still the graphing software that best meets our needs.

I believe DeltaGraph’s biggest advantages are its wide variety of charting options and its ability to add text in text boxes without having to follow a basic format (allowing more flexibility than some of the other graphing software packages).

With DeltaGraph we can produce charts and graphs that are as simple or as complicated as our authors and clients ask, and the final product is easily revised or updated and very professional-looking.”

Susan Davidson
Desktop Publishing Technician
Internet Management and Publishing Services Division
Minerals and Metals Sector of Natural Resources Canada.


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