Ted Ostindien 
Real Estate Plans & Maps 
Manager & Senior Designer 
(703) 340-8046
website: www.replans.com 
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Real Estate Plans & Maps (REPlans.com) is a graphic design company,
specializing in providing graphics and publishing services to real estate
companies, investment banks and financial institutions.

This includes taking complex financials, economic data and opinion polls, analyzing them and turning them into concise charts and graphs. They have found DeltaGraph to be one of the best tools for this.

Over the past 15 years REPlans has produced investment offering memorandums, marketing materials and real estate graphics for over 1,000 major real estate properties (office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and residential portfolios) with a transactional value of over $70 billion.

"DeltaGraph has the graphic designer in mind, as opposed to the data cruncher. As a designer this makes our work very easy. Two things that stand out completely, and that made my decision to use DeltaGraph are its interactions with other programs and ease-of-use."

“The developers of DeltaGraph understand that for high quality usage the charts and graphs need to be exported to an illustration program for fine tuning (tweaking colors and placements of items), for consistency with the rest of a larger job of which the chart or graph could be just a part, for placement into a layout program, etc., etc. DeltaGraph can export to Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, Deneba Canvas, Corel CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop and even PICTY´. This ability is the big reason I use DeltaGraph. It is a more graphic mindset; excellent for designers.”

"Also, DeltaGraph is easy to use. Especially, the fact that as virtually all charts have columns and rows, x and y axis, categories and items, DeltaGraph reserves a special first column and first row for the headers/labels of the x and y axis. It keeps the focus on designing the graph, and makes it easier on the mind already tired of the endless rows and columns of numbers.

- Ted Ostindien, Manager & Senior Designer, Real Estate Plans & Maps


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