Q: I have DeltaGraph 5 for Windows but I work with somebody who has DeltaGraph 5 for Macintosh. He can't seem to open my files and vice-vers.

A: DeltaGraph 5.6 restores file compatibility between Mac and Windows versions of DeltaGraph. DeltaGraph 5.6 for Macintosh and DeltaGraph 5.6 for Windows are able to read each other's files and translate them into the correct format based on content. To make this process run smoothly we would recommend that any files intended to be shared across platforms be given a .dg5 extension. When these files are opened in DeltaGraph 5.6 for Macintosh, you will see the following alert:

"This DeltaGraph for Windows 5.x file has been converted to the Macintosh format. Since not all DeltaGraph data is compatible with both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, some data may have been lost of modified.
-Pantone colors: Cannot currently be converted accurately for Macintosh
-OLE objects: Cannot currently be converted and used on Macintosh
-Fonts: Some fonts used on Windows may not be available on this computer; substitutions will be made.
-Slide Sorter: Does not exist in DeltaGraph for Windows v5.x. One has been created for you."
-Outliner: Does not exist in DeltaGraph for Windows v5.x. One has been created for you.

To save the file at this point you must use File->Save As. This was done to avoid accidentally replacing the source DeltaGraph for Windows file and possible lose data.

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