Frequently Asked Questions: DeltaGraph 5.7.4 Universal for Macintosh

Q: What are the system requirements for DeltaGraph 5.7.4 for Macintosh?
Processor: Macintosh Power PC, G3, or later, or Intel-based Macintosh
Operating System: Mac OS X version 10.1.5 or later or Mac OS 9.2.2 with CarbonLib 1.6 installed
Language: English (Japanese version available through
Japan Poladigital)
Memory: 128 MB of RAM
Disk Space: Internal hard drive with 60 MB of free space and Mac OS Extended (HFS+) format, the default format for Mac OS X
Display: 256 colors and a resolution of 800x600 or higher

Q: What changes have been made to DeltaGraph for Mac for this update?
A: For a complete change history, download the readme file:
DeltaGraph Mac 5.7.4 Readme.pdf
Q: What known issues exist in version 5.7.4?
A: We are aware of the following problems or potential problems:

  • You will see odd behavior if text is edited when zoom/scale is set to something other than 100%. The cursor will often appear to be in a different place than where the text is being edited and the text will appear to move or disappear. The problem is especially apparent when styled text is present. The workaround is to only edit text when zoom or scale is set to 100%.
  • Japanese text entered in a Windows font that supports japanese characters (eg Arial) in a DeltaGraph for Windows file may not show up correctly in DeltaGraph for Macintosh if the corresponding Mac font doesn't support Japanese characters. The workaround is to change the font to a japanese font after opening the file on the Mac side.
  • When the Equation Editor is launched from the Edit menu, two Editor windows may appear under Mac OS X 10.2.8.
  • Pantone colors cannot be converted between Deltagraph for Macintosh and DeltaGraph for Windows.
  • OLE Objects in DeltaGraph for Windows files will not be converted when opening in Deltagraph for Mac.
  • Some fonts may not not be available when opening files from DeltaGraph for Mac on Windows or vice-versa. Substitutions will be made where necessary.
  • The Slide Sorter doesn't exist in DeltaGraph 5 for Windows. This will not be available when opening files on DeltaGraph for Windows. Files from DeltaGraph for Windows opened on the Mac side will have one created for them. This also applies to the Outliner view.
  • Mac OS X users who have Quicktime 5 installed may see a problem where all raster-type images (any from the "File->Export->As Other..." list) get exported as 100 x 100 pixels. This is a Quicktime bug and can be solved by updating to the newest version. This problem will only be apparent with DeltaGraph versions later than 5.5.
  • The DeltaGraph 5.7.4 installer will install the DeltaSym, DeltaSymbol.TT, MT Extra, and MTExt fonts in one of two places: /Library/Fonts or Home/Library/Fonts. If you are a non-administrative user with no write access to the root-level Fonts folder then the installer will place the fonts in your user-level fonts folder.
  • For this release the text tool is not able to create fully justified text.
  • Due to a system bug we do not support using Quartz soft drop shadows with any object which uses a pattern. Doing so may cause DeltaGraph to crash when printing the object. The bug has been reported to Apple. Please note that Quartz soft drop shadows are only available if you are running Mac OS X v.10.3 or higher. The workaround is to export the image first and then print it.
  • Exporting charts via EPSF has potential problems with printing, since fonts used in an EPSF file are not automatically downloaded to a printer. This is a general issue with Mac OS X. See the following article for the workaround:
  • The Pantone™ color set has changed since DeltaGraph 4.5 for Macintosh. Because of this, Pantone™ color names will not be preserved for files created in DeltaGraph 4.5 when opened and saved in DeltaGraph 5 (however the color information will be correct).
  • DeltaGraph help will display in your default browser ( set in the Web tab of the Internet pane of System Preferences ). We recommend Safari, any of the Mozilla-based browsers ( Firefox, Communicator, Camino, etc.), or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q: Can DeltaGraph 5 open files from previous Macintosh versions?
A: Yes. It will open files from DeltaGraph 3.0 or later.

Q: Will it open files from DeltaGraph for Windows?
A: Yes. This is a new feature in 5.6. See
this article for details.

Q: Can it import my Excel files?
A: Yes. DeltaGraph for Macintosh can directly import Excel files including those from Office v.X.

Q: Which graphical export formats are supported?
A: As of version 5.5 the following formats are currently supported:
JPEG 2000 
PDF (direct PDF export capability was added as of version 5.5 and requires Mac OS X)
SGI Image

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