“Maybe there is even an easier way to accomplish the same thing- but needless to say, I am just smiling from ear to ear about how easy it was to get exactly what I needed [using DeltaGraph].”

- Frank W. Baumann, P.Eng. , Baumann Engineering

 Frank Baumann, owner of Baumann Engineering is a geological engineer who specializes in analysis of terrain and slope hazards such as landslides and snow avalanches. He prefers to use DeltaGraph to create charts for his reports because he can quickly and easily create the chart he needs to convey important technical information to his clients.


“The efficient presentation of technical data is of vital importance to a good report. Good graphs make it that more likely that a report will be understood by the intended audience.”

Prior to buying Red Rock DeltaGraph for Mac OS X Frank had been using a combination of MS Excel and Macromedia Freehand to create charts for his reports but this process had become too cumbersome.

“When I did finally…buy [DeltaGraph for Mac OS X] I realized what I had been missing. The one powerful [DeltaGraph] feature that I make a lot of use of is the ability to scale each [chart] axis. For example, if I am preparing a cross-section of an avalanche slope, I need to be able to precisely adjust the length of each axis to reflect the correct scale.”

Now Baumann Engineering can create the charts they need quickly and easily using DeltaGraph.



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