LaBerge Daylight

Paul LaBerge is a long time DeltaGraph customer who uses DeltaGraph charts in his Architectural Daylighting business.

“In our practice of architectural daylighting we create physical-world based renderings of architectural designs to determine the effectiveness of daylight apertures e.g. daylighting systems, windows, clerestories, skylights, etc.”

“The clear sky luminance charts give us a way to show the client the sky conditions at the time of a rendering of their facade design. On a clear day, the amount of light from the sun and sky are constantly changing. Knowing the luminance patterns is a tool in optimizing a daylighting design.”

Paul finds DeltaGraph an invaluable tool in his business because of its ability to handle complex algorithms, and then produce a graph, the xyz contour fill, and then allow adjustment of the chart settings to show the relevant parts of the data.

Below are three DeltaGraph® charts depicting the luminance of the clear sky at 3 different solar altitudes, 20° solar altitude, 40° solar altitude, and 60° solar altitude.

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